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Hi I'm Jan Davis the page owner of  Animated Happy Birthday Wishes 4u  fan page on Facebook. Thank you so much to those that may have clicked the link from my fan page to come here.  I'm so very grateful  to those that have reach out to me inquiring about wanting to give a "love gift" donation. I truly appreciate those that are wanting information to where to send it to.  Thank you all for  wanting to show your love, appreciation and support for Animated Happy Birthday Wishes 4U fan page.  Thank you very much for sharing my videos and e-cards with your family and friends.  It is truly a blessing to have fans reaching out and wanting to be partners in kindness.

Please use the link below to make a donation through PayPal.  Every little bit counts and is a blessing. I need donations to be able to keep making the happy birthday gifts. I use a lot of different programs and buy images (those that I may not make myself), songs and sound effects, etc. When you make a donation I will send you 2 free happy birthday video files. You will be able to use the happy birthday video files to upload them directly to your family and friends Facebook timelines on their birthday. This is just my way of showing love back and showing my appreciation for your donation. Your donation is greatly needed and appreciated.  Thank you for taking time out to visit and showing your support.

To make a donation online please use the PayPal link below:


**SIGNING UP**:  These paragraphs below are for people that click the "sign up" button at fan page wanting to find out how to sign up to use the AHBW4U fan page. By the way in case you wondered, yes the happy birthday gifts are free to use that are on the fan page.  All I do ask please if you find this page useful and enjoyable will you please make a small donation to the page when you are able to.  In the mean time you are most welcome to use the free happy birthday video clips and e-cards on the page as you please.

Please note that some of the happy birthday videos I may offer for downloading for a very small fee of only $1.53.  Maybe if you don't want to make a donation perhaps you will buy some of the happy birthday video files to download. Please scroll down to check them out below. By downloading the happy birthday video files to your hard drive this will enable you to be able to upload it directly to your friend or family Facebook timelines on their birthdays. No more having everyone comments on it that have shared the happy birthday videos with others from AHBW4U fan page.

Now, if you like to use the free happy birthday gifts on the page... all you need to do is to click the "like" button at the upper left corner of the page. That is all that is required to sign up, no paying any fees to use the page so, don't worry about that.  Also, I made a "how to" video below please click here to view it.   To use the happy birthday videos on the fan page please click the "share" or "tag" button on the happy birthday  video  or e-card you would  like to send to your family or friends. The "share" button is located in the lower right corner of each happy birthday gift. When you click the word "share" a drop down menu will appear, please select the word "share". Then a window will pop up, then in the upper left corner of that window click the drop down menu. Now you will be able to select from share on friends timeline, to share in a group, or to share in a message or page you manage.

If you rather use the "tag" feature please click the "share" button, remember located lower right of the hbday gift you select. A window will pop up look in the lower left corner of that window. There will be a + sign symbol (that is for to "tag" people in your post) click on that to tag your Facebook family or friends on the happy birthday video or card you want to send to them. In order to "share" or "tag" the happy birthday gifts the person must be on your Facebook friends list.

If you have any questions you can send me a private message by clicking the "message" button located at the top of the AHBW4U fan page to the right. Also, please take time out to read the F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) note. This note is located in the notes section on the left column side of the fan page. Hopefully this will help you. Thank you for your time and have a good day!


Much love and hugs to you!

Sincerely yours,

Jan Davis






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